April 21, 2010

Waiting to O -- CM confusion

Nothing too big to report; I am currently waiting to O, which is probably 7 days away. At times, I think waiting to O is worse than the 2ww. Everything is out of your control. If your body decides to surprise you and O early, you can easily miss what you are so desperately waiting for. The lack of control is what I hate. No matter how well I eat or drink my green tea, I cannot make my body O when it is convenient for Mr. PB and myself. Well it looks like we may be busy this weekend and early next week, just in time for my masters' thesis defense, great!

As I am waiting to O, I am looking closely at my CM and am realizing just how much my body loves to play with me. A few days ago, my CM was clearly sticky except for one little strand of stretchy white mucus. Come on, what is that supposed to mean? One little sliver of my body is fertile? Yesterday is very wet with a small bit of tacky mucus thrown in. Is this some kind of funny joke? How confused can I make Planner Bud? After 6 cycles of charting, you would think I would be able to pick the various types out with no thought. Not so.

Oh well, since I got what I believe was wet CM last night, Mr PB and I decided to BD every other night until we get a positive OPK. Mr. PB has the whole week planned and seems very much on board this month. So maybe the fourth time will be the charm. I will keep you posted!


Ms. Understood said...

Good luck this cycle. I'm not good with determining CM. The one time I got what I think was EWCM was like 10 days before I O'd LOL. I only chart it if its obvious what it is. I depend on my CBEFM and temping.


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