April 20, 2010

And the hits just keep on coming

I just got back from our CD3 baselining appointment with the RE. Not great.

My lining is a 6, which she said is good for CD3.


She found 2 small cysts on my left ovary that she's not "too" concerned about right now. And 1 large cyst on my right ovary that she said is borderline the size where they prefer not to medicate for that cycle. She said from the shape of it, she believes it's the cyst that ruptured but it's still there.

She also found another fibroid. She said this one is smaller and is in the muscle under my lining but it was very clear to her as soon as she was in there. They are going to monitor it and see what it does but won't worry about it too much right now.

Sooooo. We are waiting for the bloodwork to come back this afternoon with my hormone levels to evaluate the cysts. They are going to decide what to do this cycle when those results come back. If they aren't good, we will have to do birth control pills for 2 weeks to try to shrink the cysts, definitely no Clomid and put the IUI off until next cycle.

If the bloodwork is fine and the RE feels confident going forward (he understands we are self pay and want optimal conditions for the IUI) with the IUI, then they will discuss the HCG shot and send over a prescription for it to the pharmacy. She already gave me the Clomid script for 100mg and an antibiotic prescription for myself and DH.

Sigh. I feel like it's just one obstacle after another.


Ms. Understood said...

Sorry SB, I hope the fibroid stays at a size that isn't of concern. Crossing my fingers for you for good blood work results.


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