April 19, 2010

Hello 3rd- Tri :)

Well as of yesterday I officially entered the 3rd trimester and as of today I'm officially 7 months pregnant.


I really can't believe I'm here.
In about 90 days, I'll be meeting my son.
Sometimes that thought is really hard to wrap my mind around. I'm sure it will only be made more surreal once he's born and they put him on top of me for the first time. I can't think about it without crying.

Needless to say, as the day gets closer Mr. LB and I get more and more excited. Our baby shower is less than a month away at this point and we're really excited about having our family and friends come together all in celebration of our little boy. This little boy that we've wanted for so long. I'm especially looking forward to the arrival of my Grandmother and Aunt. My grandmother raised me and my Aunt has become like a mother to me. They'll be here a few days before the shower and are staying 2 days after to help get Baby LB's room ready.

On the pregnancy front all remains well :) I've had a crappy cold for over a week now and have objected to taking any medicine but I think I will finally give in. I have this terrible cough that has been kicking my butt for the last 6 days and I can't take it anymore. Mr. LB will be picking me up Robitussin on the way home.
Next week is my 28 week appt. and my GD test. I'm hoping and praying I'll pass it. Next week also begins my Bi-weekly appointments and I'm thinking there may hopefully be another ultrasound again soon ::crosses fingers:: I know my OB's office does the 3D/4D u/s just not sure when.
Mr. LB and I are debating what kind of birthing class to take and I'm debating on taking the BF'ing course. We also need to nail down a pedi for Baby LB. We were going to use my childhood pedi who still practices but I hear that her office is always super busy and a mommy friend was waiting there for 2 hours one day :\ My OB's office recommended someone so we may check her out.
So many little things to do!!

Thanks for reading my little update! Hopefully by next week they will have change the carpet in this nursery and I can share some pictures!


Ms. Understood said...

Good to hear things are going well with you. Good luck with you GD testing.


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