March 8, 2010


I went to my gynecologist appointment last week. I was a little early for my annual but the doctor was still able to sit down with me and discuss our next steps.

I was very happy with her response. Her recommendations were exactly what I was looking for. She wrote me referrals to get an HSG, and for Mr. Sassy Bud to get a S/A. I'm not looking to be medicated at this point, so I am glad that she didn't want to go that route. I think that it is more important to make sure everything is working properly before moving on to any other steps. I have to call on CD1 to schedule my HSG, and Mr. Sassy Bud will schedule his testing then also.

In non-TTC news, I participated in a Moot Court competition this past weekend. My partner and I made it to one of the final rounds out of all 4 campuses. Our only loss was to the team that is going to the finals. It was a very exciting weekend, and it definitely kept my mind off of all things TTC.

I should be O-ing in the next few days, so I can begin my 2ww (or for me, 9-day wait) obsessing!



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