March 7, 2010

Beta #2 results!

Sorry to leave everyone hanging, but I have been SUPER busy at work & I am a bridesmaid in my friend's upcoming wedding, so I have been doing a lot for that this weekend. I got my beta #2 drawn on Friday morning (3/5) & it came in at 1184! That's a 128% increase over 48 hours & I think they like to see at least a 50% increase every 1-3 days! My nurse said that it is a perfect rise & that I should continue my meds as normal; so, that's Endometrin suppositories (progesterone) & Estradiol (estrogen) twice a day, baby aspirin & PNV once per day. Below is a chart showing my hcg levels vs. the average levels for a singleton pregnancy.

As you can see from the chart above, my hcg levels are a little above the average singleton pregnancy, but I have always read that you can't really tell how many you have based on hcg levels alone, so there could be two in there still. No matter what, Mr. Worry Bud & I will be ecstatic as long as our baby(ies) are healthy & growing strong! We have our last beta blood draw tomorrow morning & then I get to schedule my first u/s. According to the date of my ER, I am 5 weeks 1 day pregnant today! I'm not sure how long my clinic will make me wait to schedule the u/s, but I'm hoping that if all looks good on beta #3, then we can do it on Friday of this week since both Mr. WB & I are off that day already. Speaking of the Mr. - he's soooo cute; he has an iPod Touch & it's pretty much like the iPhone minus the phone part, so he's always downloading random apps. Well he downloaded this "countdown" app & made a countdown until our LO arrives, which would be (according to my ER date) November 6, 2010!!

As far as symptoms, I have been feeling okay - a little crampy on & off (I think this is related to the [TMI] incredible amount of gas I have been having the past couple of weeks), exhausted (but, I always am due to how early I get up for work), slight heartburn on & off, hungry more often, acne, and occasional headaches. On Friday night, after going to the bathroom, I wiped & noticed a little red/brown blood with some clear discharge/CM & got freaked out. I think now that it was some sort of old blood, b/c I only saw it when I wiped that one time & not again, even after doing my Endometrin insert a few hours later. Then, yesterday I had a persistent, dull stabbing pain in my right hip bone; I think it was just early round ligament pain because it was gone after laying down for a few hours. And many women on one of my favorite Internet message boards said they experienced a similar pain early in their pregnancies as well. Either that, or it could be related to my fibromyalgia....I'm just happy it's gone. I plan on mentioning it to my nurse tomorrow & see what she thinks. I'll update again tomorrow after my beta results come in. Thanks as always for all the continued T&P - it really means so much to us!


Flora Bud said...

Congrats again!!! Hope you guys can schedule the u/s this Friday.


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