March 6, 2010

Confirmed O!

First I'll start by saying I'm sorry for being quiet the last cycle. My EDD is coming up from my first loss and I've really been having a hard time just getting through the days in one piece let alone worry about blogging.

But! I have good news! FF confirmed O for me on CD14! This excites me for two reasons, my first cycle charting I didn't O until CD18 which left me with a 10 day LP (still normal, but it worried me). My second cycle charting I dont even know if I O'd at all, but if I did it would have been on CD21 and would have left me with an LP of 9 days. So Oing on CD14 is exciting for me! Seems a little more "safe".

Secondly, DH left last night to go out of town and I was really worried I'd O while he was gone and we'd be out this cycle. But if you look at my chart I've been a busy little bee with the baby dance and our timing is wonderful!

At the beginning of this cycle I told myself, this is our all out cycle. I can't handle this exhaustion every single month. So, Mr MB started taking 1000mg of Vit C a day. I continued to take my PNV and started taking Folic Acid & Pom pills. We used Pre-seed & Instead Cups each night we BD'd to help the chances a bit more. And.... the biggest thing, I'm really trying not to stress. HOPEFULLY this turns out to be successful. Otherwise next month, it's all getting locked up (except the vitamins) and I won't chart and we're taking a month off. The 2ww begins.

On a not-so-happy note March 15th will be spent celebrating the very short time I had with our LO by visiting a memorial garden at the hospital & getting a tattoo.... instead of, you know, bringing a baby home like I should have been. *sigh* I will get through it, I just WILL.

Until next time...


Ms. Understood said...

This time has got to be hard on you. Hoping that this month is you month and that you have the stickiest sticky baby.


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