March 1, 2010

Oh the joys of pregnancy

So today I am 10 w 1 d and as thrilled as can be! We are very excited however some of these side effects/symptoms of pregnancy are very interesting. Don't get me wrong I sort of love having them in a "Im very weird way".

Lets start with the puking. The throwing up has gotten ALOT better since my best friend Zofran was introduced. I love her. She is really my best friend forever. I will say, I hate whenever she leaves me after 6 hours. I just have to call her back up and she is there again!

I literally sneeze a million times a day. That's fine however sneezing causes nose bleeds now for me. I used to NEVER get nose bleeds. I dont remember the last time my nose has bled before pregnancy. Oh well I take it in strides.

The most uncomfortable side effect you would think would be throwing up. No. Not for me. The constipation is RIDICULOUS. Its RIDIC. I don't think I ever understood this before Saturday. Its horrible. I can't even tell you everything I have tried from prune juice (yuck!) to colace. I swear nothing works. Right now for breakfast I had prune juice, fiber cereal, and benefiber. Fun huh?

I wish there was something else I could do for this. If anyone else has any remedies I would really appreciate it. TMI: But its not like I dont need to go, I can't. I have what I think are called hard stools. It hurts and I'm scared of a hemorrhoid.

So I'm sure everyone wanted to know this but really I wish someone would have warned me. I mean I read it some places but this is bad! But like I said, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Yes I'm miserable but at the same time very thrilled! I have a little one growing in there causing all this havoc. Gotta love it causing problems even before he/she is born!

Next up for us is getting rid of this crap... No pun intended and seeing Jelly bean on Wednesday again! We can't wait! Little one is right on target and growing like a weed!!


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I remember those pregnancy days, i hope your constipation gets better!!

D. said...

So excited for you!!! . . . In my own experience, I found that the constipation was not a result of the pregnancy but a result of the prenatal vitamins. There's a huge range of iron in prenatals (prescription ones are the highest in iron) I chose to switch to a vitamin with less iron and I immediately felt MUCH better :)

Good luck to you! And again, CONGRATULATIONS on your BABY!!!


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