March 3, 2010

Back home!

After a long week in NYC we made it home. Mr Flora Bud had a conference and I decided to tag along (I mean, c'mon who wouldn't?!?!?). Here are a few pictures of the snow days:

All I can say is I am so glad to be back to sunny South Florida and no more snow!

Today is cd 31 and no sign of AF and a few 'not pregnant' pregnancy tests later I'm so ready for AF to get here already. This is the first month EVER in my life that I have been this late and no BFP. I have never been on the pill and my cycles were always 28 days. What the heck is happening?? And I do not want to continue using my daily Progesterone supplements if I do not need them... ugh


Worry Bud said...

Don't you hate how AF likes to play tricks on you when you actually want her to show up? Ugh. Hope she comes soon, so you can get started on your next cycle & hopefully get your sticky BFP!

Flora Bud said...

Yes... tricky little witch.


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