March 3, 2010

Feeling the Toll of 3rd Trimester

36 weeks down... 4 to go... at least that is if they don't induce me before 40 weeks. Dr. C had originally said when I was Dx with GD that she wouldn't let me go past my due date (of March 29th mind you - SO CLOSE!) although as of my appointment on Monday it seems that since everything with the GD diet has been going well and since Baby GB is measuring right on track she might just let me go instead of inducing on my due date. Time will tell though - I have my first internal next Wednesday so we'll see if we are making any progress.

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I'm ready... and maybe I'm being a wimp but I'm so over being pregnant. I hope no one thinks I'm being ungrateful - I'm SO happy to have made it this far with little bumps in the road - it's just starting to really take a toll on me.

Lets recap how I'm feeling:

  • My hands are swelling so my ring is too tight yet I refuse to take it off. I haven't went a day without it since the day we got married.
  • My feet are swelling. As I type this post I've got them propped up on an upside down trash can under my desk. (And yes... I'm blogging at work... don't tell.)
  • My maternity clothes are even starting to get tight. WTF - I just bought most of them less than a month ago?!
  • I've been getting nauseaus every day in the middle of the day... not sure what is causing this but I've made more than one run to the ladies room thinking I was going to lose it. I haven't yet and it seems to subside after I eat lunch - maybe I need to eat earlier or something?!
  • I'm exhausted. Walking up a flight of stairs makes me feel like I've just got done running a marathon - yet, I've still refused to take the elevator up the two flights to my office.
  • I've mentally checked out of work - the ladies I'm training are just idiots and I'm so afraid of what I'm going to come back to yet at this point I really just don't care. If they eff up, it's their own fault and will hopfully have it cleaned up before I get back.
  • I feel sleep deprived - whether I've had 9 hours or 4 hours it doesn't matter. I guess this is a dose of what's to come once Baby GB arrives?!
  • I want to eat... EVERYTHING. Especially ice cream, cake, burgers, chocolate, french fries, candy, pizza... everything I CAN'T eat on my diet. Which is probably good so that I don't gain 20 more pounds in my last 4 weeks alone.

What else?! Ugh... that pretty much sums it up for now?! I debated whether or not to make this my "3rd Tri Addition of What I've Learned While Being KU" but I've got a pretty good list going for that and didn't want it to be this depressing... :)


Worry Bud said...

Great post! You're so close!! Hang in there girl. :)

Courtney said...

You can make it! Hope for your sake that Jaimie's wrong on you getting an April fool. Ironically, that's the date my DH wants our son to be born on. I hope he's wrong, as that would be a week past my due date. :-/

Brainy Bud said...

Wow, it seems only yesterday you were in 1st tri... time does fly


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