February 27, 2010

Another Cycle Down

Well, AF showed again after a 9-day LP.

I'm still on the TTC train. I just can't bring myself to TTA. If this is our cycle, I would be completely thrilled, despite EDD timing. I am sure I can figure out a way around taking a whole term off, either by appealing to take exams the following term, since there is obviously a medical reason, or taking some exam-less electives.

I have my annual ob/gyn appointment this Thursday. I assume they will be referring me to an RE since this is our 14th month of TTC. My plan with the RE is to have them do a S/A for Mr. Sassy Bud. If everything looks good on that end, then I will worry about our next steps at that point. Now that I'm sure I'm ovulating, the only concern on my end is my short LP. Hopefully I will get some guidance on that between my gyn and the RE.

I never expected TTC to be such a "process."


Erica said...

Stay strong Sassy Bud! I had the same thing with spotting and after 2 months of clomid we are finally 10 weeks pregnant! So there is gold at the end of that tunnel. I hated my short LPs. I felt like I never got a fair shot at trying each month. So happy we saw a RE! Good luck!!

-- Ms. Obsessive Bud

Jen J. said...

GL Sassy Bud! Hope your Dr or RE can help you figure out how to get your BFP soon!


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