March 10, 2010

My own birth story

Today is my birthday, and to recognize the day, my wonderful mom sent me an email containing my very own birth story! It's amazing to think about how I graced her life 28 years ago, while I'm not working on creating my own little miracle. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm proud to share it below:

Hi Kate,

Dad and I were out walking earlier this evening and we began remembering this very evening 28 years ago. I thought I'd share it with you -

In our little home on North Elm St. We were watching TV, just as we are now. Except that Dad took off is wristwatch and I put it on my stomach, to time the early contractions I was having, or hoping to be having! You get them a lot in the last few weeks of pregnancy, sort of an exercise for the womb, I surmised,- but then one day they "catch on" and real labor ensues. So we didn't know what to expect. Just to be ready. Anyway, your due date was around the first of the month so I was ready to go!

By 10:30 PM we decided to call Nana and ask her to come over, in case we had to leave in the middle of the night. By the time she got to our house, my water had broken and off we went. Your brother slept upstairs through the whole thing!

Down at the hospital the lights were bright, and night seemed like day. My doctor showed up and I think about about a half an hour later, you did too! I just remember how PINK you were! My daughter - oh my - how beautiful you were - all wrapped up in delivery room blankets, taking it all in. When you look into your baby's eyes for the first time - really gaze at each other - it's like a real miracle has just happened. And love begins. The birth day is truly memorable, but the days and nights, turning into years, fulfill beyond measure. Since your toddling days to your grownup life now, you have brought more joy to me than I ever could have been imagined. What a gift life is - yours has been a gift back to me. As I said to you 28 years ago tonight, I'll say again now - I love you, Katie! Happy Birthday!



Flora Bud said...

Oh that is so beautiful and touching. You have such a loving mother.
happy birthday!

mrs.messi said...

This is so sweet! Happy birthday!

Katrina & Adam said...

Aw that is SO sweet!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Ms. Understood said...

That is incredibly sweet. I think I'll ask my dad what my birth story was. I had never considered asking.

Worry Bud said...

Aww, how sweet! Happy birthday. :)


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