March 10, 2010

New attitude

Sunday's paper had a great coupon for $1.00 off any one ClearBlue Pregnancy test and $3.00 of any Ovulation test. So you better believe that my happy butt went to Target right away and bought OPKs.

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude for this cycle, kind of starting fresh again. Last cycle I took a break from charting (also due to a dead BBT battery), and am trying to give a new outlook in things. Lately a lot of negative things have been happening in our lives and has put me in a very sad place. I started to think and feel negative about everything and that nothing was in our favor. Well that had to stop. I'm trying my best to keep a positive attitude and start trying again.

Monday is our wedding anniversary and I should be ovulating around that time, what a great anniversary gift if we get a
BFP two weeks from now?

I'm still going back and fourth with my health insurance because they do not want to pay for the progesterone, that they said they originally said they were going to cover a month ago when I called to confirm coverage. I'm starting to look for a back up plan and am calling a few online pharmacies and their prices are a little better than our local pharmacy. Ugh.. Good thing I still have a weeks worth of samples from the doctors office.

Today is CD 8 and I am thinking about starting to use the opk's tomorrow, especially since my cycle has been so out of wack lately.

Happy hump day!



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