March 8, 2010

Dear body,

Can you please cooperate with me?
You have always had a 28 day cycle, never late never early and always 4-5 days of AF and now you are all out of wack.
Cycle 6 it was 25 days, then cycle 9 31 days (meanwhile I POAS every 12 hours!!). What is going on in there?? Can you please cooperate with me?

Thank you,
your owner

This cycle I am hoping is the one. I bought OPK's and today am going to go buy a new battery for my BBT that died on me last month. This morning my sister text me a quote on not to give up and it really touched my heart because she has no idea whats going on. I'm giving a new outlook on this cycle, especially since its our Anniversary during the time that I'm ovulating and a BFP would be the best gift ever.


Worry Bud said...

GL Flora - hoping you get the most wonderful anniversary gift ever! Our anniversary is 3/21 - when is yours?

Flora Bud said...

3/15, Happy Anniversary!


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