March 8, 2010

Quick beta #3 update!

My final beta today came in at 2581!! Here is the beta hcg chart for singleton pregnancies, with my last two betas (the website won't allow you to input more than 2 betas) signified by the red line:

My betas still fall just a little above the average levels for singleton pregnancies, so I'm pretty sure we only have 1 in there. But, as I mentioned before, Mr. Worry Bud & I will be happy no mater how many there are as long as the baby(ies) is healthy & growing strong! I'm 5 weeks 2 days pregnant today & our first u/s is next Tuesday, March 16, 2010. I am hoping we get to see/hear the heartbeat at our ultrasound! And I have NO clue how I'm going to make it a whole week & 1 day until any other appointments! I am praying that this next week goes by quickly. I am feeling okay, just crampy on & off, bloated on & off, nipples hurt slightly (but, I mostly attribute that to the Endometrin), and hunger headaches when I don't eat often enough. Thanks again for all the support & continued T& means so much to us!


Life Happens said...

yay! Great beta numbers!

Ms. Understood said...

Congrats again. Your numbers look good and I'm wishing you all the distractions, good rest and patience in the world because I would probably be counting down seconds waiting for the next appointment.

Flora Bud said...

Congrats again!! those are some great numbers... So excited for you guys!!

Gl on your 3/16 apt.


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