February 2, 2010

So long overdue. I'm sorry.

I've been a horrible blogger. There is a reason. Main reason is shown below:

Can you see that? Can you see our jelly bean? Can you see it? Yes I'm pregnant. I'm 6w3d today. Last Friday we got to see a heartbeat and it was truly amazing. Mr. OB wanted to take a photo with his iphone and my RE said, here's a print out. So sweet!

So why didn't I blog this earlier. Well people in real life have this blog link and I wanted to make sure this little jelly bean sticks. We are just cautiously excited. Don't get me wrong. I wanted to share it with the entire world, just need to be cautious.

So how did it happen? Well you know how it happened. I was on clomid 50 mg and timed intercourse. I had a monitoring appointment with my awesome awesome RE to check and see if I had ovulated and released an egg and low and behold, we saw my egg. My egg was just chilin' and relaxin' just waiting. I had a pep talk with my little egg and said, please go find sperm NOW! (I really think this is what did it. Totally JUST KIDDING)

I remember thinking after this appointment and even telling Worry Bud, can I still get pregnant since he did that ultrasound? Did it kill the sperm? Well um either Mr. OB's sperm is crazy strong or yeah it didn't matter. I'm going with it didn't matter.

So after the appointment, I just waited. I remember the nurse at the RE's office saying, be sure to call when you get your period. Mr. OB kept saying, that won't be necessary. He is such an optimistic little guy.

I will never forget my BFP. I decided to test after my temp went up on cd11. It NEVER stays up that high. EVER. It always plummets. I didn't even feel different this cycle. I was just ready to get some testing done after AF came.

Well that Thursday morning it was as early as 5 in the morning and Mr. OB was already getting ready for work. I'm lazy and SLEEP forever but I just had to pee so I walk to the bathroom, pull down my pants, and 'Knocked Up' (the movie) style, pee on a stick.

I stare and stare and say, Oh sh*t. There's a line. I see it. Oh My. I get the stick run down the stairs into the kitchen where Mr. OB is making his coffee and say, Oh My God. Do you see it? He says, yeah but its so faint. My comment, who cares! Its a line! We're having a baby!

I then can't go back to sleep. Go figure and call my RE's office when they open I go in for a beta and its 33. 33!! I'm pregnant! I can't believe it.

I then have multiple betas and they all seem to be doing great and multiplying correctly. I'm still in shock. Its so amazing. So unbelievable. It happened.

Like I said, on Friday I saw our little jelly bean and its little heart thumping away. So tiny but so loved already.

Tomorrow I go in for another u/s. I'm hoping this time we can measure the heartbeat and will get to see little jelly bean's growth.

Thank you everyone for the support, thoughts, and prayers. Please continue to pray for us and our little jelly bean. Its truly amazing!


Flora Bud said...

Awwww.. Congrats!!!!! Happy and healthy 9 months for you guys. GL at tomorrows apt

Jen J. said...

Yaaaay OB!! Great post & congrats & H/H 9 months!! PS - I love how many times you tested & put it on your chart, haahaha! :o)

Blessed Bud said...

Congrats OB! Wishing you a H&H 9 months!

Marianne said...

Yaaaaay!!!! I am so excited for you guys!!!!! =)


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