February 2, 2010

Lupron Evaluation - Done!

This morning I went in for my Lupron Evaluation, which consists of a blood draw & vaginal ultrasound. I got my blood drawn first & the girl doing it was really nice - it was quick & painless (only 1 vial)! Then, they had me empty my bladder & sit down and wait to be called in for the u/s. I have now had a couple vaginal ultrasounds, so this one was no biggie. My RE did this one & I love it when he does them b/c he shows me what's going on & talks to me while he's doing the check.

He checked my lining first & said it was nice & thin, which is good at this stage. Then he checked my ovaries & said they both looked awesome - no cysts or anything. When he looked at each ovary he said there were about "7 less than 10" on one side & "about 7" on the other ovary. I didn't ask, but I assumed he was referring to the number of antral follicles he observed. He said everything looked great & I should be all ready to get started stimming!! After I got dressed, I met with one of the IVF nurses & she gave me an updated IVF calendar. So, tonight I start stimming with 112.5 IU of Gonal-F & 37.5 IU of Menopur, and then continue the Lupron each morning, but reduce the dosage from 20 units to 5 each morning. I was told to await the call from my nurse after they get the b/w results, but that I should be good to get started with this meds administration schedule. I am so happy that I finally get to start stimming, but time is flying way quicker than I ever expected! I have a follow up appointment on Friday to monitor the follicle development. I'm staying positive & hopeful & continuing to pray that my body continues to cooperate & respond as it should to the drugs. Please Lord, let this be it for us. As always, I want to thank anyone thinking of or praying for us during this time!


Flora Bud said...

GL worry Bud, I hope everything comes back fine with your B/W and you can continue your plan. What is your next step?

I am praying for you guys that this is it!!

Sassy Bud said...

GL WB, I hope everything goes perfect for you and Mr. WB!

Obsessive Bud said...

Woo hoo! Good luck WB!!! I'm routing for you guys!

Blessed Bud said...

WB I am praying for us both! Grow follies grow ;)

Life Happens said...

Praying that those follies continue to grow!!


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