February 2, 2010

AF has arrived

and we can officially begin trying this cycle!

This will be cycle 9 of charting and in March makes 2 years of trying. Unfortunately we have some losses but hopefully with the help of our RE we will have our sticky baby soon.

Over the weekend I began researching different progesterone gels and my insurance coverage. The Progesterone that my RE prescribed Crinone 8%, is not covered by my insurance and we are looking around $1500 for a 10 weeks supply (40 Applicators). And I know that Im going to want to stay on it until atleast 12 - 13 weeks (52 applicators), just incase for some mental re-assuarance until the placenta takes over.

One of our lovely Buds recommended me Prochieve 8% because she was in the same situation and her insurance covered it. I called my insurance and they do cover this progestrerone so now Im just waiting to hear back from my RE for the approval and my prescription. Her nurse said that some of these gels are not FDA approved and that is why some are very expensive.

I did find an IVF Pharmacy online that has these but I will have to do some research to make sure its legit.

Keep you posted,


Sassy Bud said...

GL this cycle FB!

Obsessive Bud said...

GL this cycle!!

Blessed Bud said...

Best Wishes for a great cycle this time FB!

Dandelion Bud said...

try mandells pharmacy (google for the website) in NJ. They're my IVF pharmacy and they're awesome. They do discount plans if you don't have coverage, and they mail order overnight.

They're really nice and easy to work with.


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