February 2, 2010

Trying to go with the flow

One of the hardest parts about TTC is not knowing how long it will take. This weekend, Mr. Nature Bud and I visited a ski club up north with some friends. It's basically a big dorm-style house with 30 or so rooms, a large kitchen, common areas, etc. maintained by a club that families join for a yearly fee, and then have a ski house to stay at each weekend they head up. The annual fee equates to about 3 weekends at a motel or other lodging, and the nice part is that the club aspect fosters community, so you always have somewhere to stay while skiing, and there's always friends there. Plus you can use it in the summer, which we'd totally take advantage of. We seriously considered joining, but not knowing if and when I'll be pregnant, if and when we'll have an infant, all the uncertainty of TTCing... well it makes it pretty difficult to plan that far ahead.

We encountered the same roadblock when discussing a trip we'd like to take to China. How can I even purchase airfare, not knowing what stage of my TTC journey I'll be at when the trip happens? I can't, plain and simple. I know you're not supposed to put your life on hold for TTCing, but sometimes, with all the uncertainty involved, it becomes necessary.

On the bright side, the weekend ski getaway afforded plenty of warm and fuzzy BD juju, which was perfect because it looks like I O'd at a ridiculously early CD9. I had some pretty strong and alarming cramping that could've been ovulation pain, and then a distinct thermal shift. My doctor said not to worry about the cramping. He actually told me to look on the bright side, at least I know when I'm about to O! I'm worried because I wasn't checking CM, using preseed, or even OPKing, but maybe this surprise early O will turn into a surprise BFP and it'll all work out.

Until next time, sending sled-fulls of baby dust your way!

Nature Bud


Worry Bud said...

I get O pain too & I always knew when I was O'ing, even before my chart told me, haha. GL this cycle!


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