February 11, 2010

Decisions, decisions leads to $, $, $!!

Finding the "perfect" bedding for Baby Hopeful Bud has been quite an adventure. I thought I found it right away and I was so excited about how easy it was, but the fact that I kept looking led me to believe that the one I thought I loved, may not be the "perfect" one. So three weeks later, after sending countless emails of bedding pics to my sister and friends, I believe I have finally found the "perfect" bedding for our Girlie. It is way more pink then I ever thought I would get, but I love it, and I haven't looked at a single other option since finding this one. I'm thinking that if we paint the walls a light green, that the pink will be subdued a bit.

We also purchased the crib last week and it is ready for pick up. I'm a bargain shopper, but it is amazing how expensive things are already starting to pile up.

The one awesome bargain that we bought is thanks to my sister. She found a solid oak dresser/changing table on craigslist.com and we loved it. Being super creative, she has offered to refinish it for us. I'm so excited.

So we have the crib, bedding and dresser/changing table. The next purchase is the rocker/glider and then the nursery furniture will be complete. One to more details and decisions which will inevitably continue costing more and more money. She will be so worth it though!!
Take care and stay hopeful!

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