February 11, 2010

Day 3 Report/5 Day Transfer is On!

I spoke with the Embryologist this morning and our Day 5 Transfer is set for Saturday at 10:00 am. She said so far all is going very well and that she is pleased.

Photography Credit

For multicell Day 3 Embryos my Clinic uses a grading system of 1-3 in chronological order and they reverse this numerical order for blastocyts on Day 5 using a grading sytem of 4-1 with letters (4 being the best and 1 being the worse) ...

Grade 1: even cell division, no fragmentation
Grade 2: even cell division, small fragmentation
Grade 3: uneven cell division, moderate fragmentation

Our Day 3 Report

12 8-10 cells Grade 1

1 6 cell Grade 2

1 4 cell Grade 3

Praying that all goes well with our ET on Saturday...


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