January 31, 2010

Rory's Garden

Today I got a beautiful surprise in my Blogger Dashboard. About a month or two ago I submitted our daughter's name to Rory's Garden. These wonderful people write the names of precious babies who have been lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, etc on flowers and photograph them.

Photo Credit: Rory's Garden

This is such a perfect way to artistically give memory to our sweet angel. They give the opportunity to parents to purchase the high quality photo for printing, which we plan to do in the future.

Our TTCAL process seems to be going so slow. Since I've been charting at the beginning of last cycle, I feel like time just crawls by. I'm either waiting for Ovulation to come, or for my 2ww to be over so I can be obsessed with testing. I've had a rough time grieving this week, as we get closer to our Due Date, it's getting increasingly harder to stay strong. Mr MB has been very supportive, but I can feel myself slipping. We have great plans for our Due Date to celebrate our daughter's short life, I'm excited to share them with you - at another time!


Blessed Bud said...

What a wonderful keepsake. I wish I had known about this when made a scrap book for my angel baby 3 years ago.

Worry Bud said...

That's beautiful MB. Best wishes to you & Mr. MB!!

Sassy Bud said...

That is so special. T&P's for you during this hard time.


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