January 31, 2010

Follie Scan Friday

First Follie Scan
So Friday 1/29/10 I had my first early Follie check. After 3 nights of stims for IVF #1, there are many small unmeasurable follies on my left and right ovaries. Dr. B expected this since I have PCOS and he expected that I would not have anything measurable yet. Follies become measurable once they reach 10mm.

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So once I got home from Dr. B on Friday night I dropped to 300iu Follistim; added 75iu Menopour and continued 40mg Lovenox. Sunday night I will add 250am of Ganirelix, which will prevent me from ovulating before my Egg Retrieval. I will be on these dosages until Monday when I meet with with Dr. B. again.

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In the Mix With Menopur
Menopur is an LH drug that you have to mix yourself. So far I have been on Follistim only, which is an FSH drug. Mixing the Menopur for the first time was very interesting. Nurse K gave me an instruction packet and I also looked at a Menopur injection video on youtube lol.

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Flora Bud said...

GL blessed bud. I hope everything went great today with your DR.

Sassy Bud said...

Good luck to you and your H, I hope everything goes well.


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