January 30, 2010

Second biopsy.. done

This time I was ready for the pain, but boy did it hurt. I tried my best to prepare for it by taking Motrin since the morning before, but that did not work. Even the day after I was still having some on and off pain.

After the biopsy I sat down with my RE' s nurse to go over how to use the Progesterone that she prescribe to begin to use after I ovulate, if we are pregnant that cycle then continue using it until 10 weeks. If im not pregnat stop and wait until the next cycle. Once we are pregnant and start to see my OB/GYN I will discuss with her keeping me on progesterone until 13 weeks, I am scared the placenta might not have taken over so early.

Here is a great article on Progesterone. Did you know that this helps the breasts to develop in preparation for milk production after the birth of a baby?

She also showed me how to use it and gave me some information for a mail in pharmacy, because they are cheaper than our local pharmacy. After she said that I started thinking, 'oh boy I can only imagine how much these suckers are going to be'. She recommended me to use it in the morning and wear a
panty liner. Then gave me a weeks supply of samples and I was off. I love all of my Re's nurses, they are soooooooo sweet!!

This is what they gave me Crinone 8%


Im off to go research the supplements and my coverage.


Worry Bud said...

I'm doing Endometrin progesterone suppositories, they are similar. Let me know how this goes for you.

Obsessive Bud said...

Good luck FB! (Is it weird that I automatically want to say Facebook in my head when writing FB?) HA!
Anyways I really hope this does it for you and you get your BFP!!


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