January 7, 2010

The INS and OUTS of Infertility INSURANCE

With so many couples now getting married in their early to mid thirties the reality is that the baby-making does not start until after that. With only a 20% average chance of becoming pregnant each cycle and the fact that fertility naturally declines with age, it’s no surprise that many couples have difficulty conceiving.

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Since Mr. Blessed Bud and I decided to move onto IVF I had my CD3 Bloodwork last week and I am currently on BCP's for 3 weeks. Dr. B's office is submitting my IVF pre-certification paperwork to my insurance company and if all goes well, the stimming portion of our IVF cycIe will begin in February. I realize I am blessed enough to have Infertility Insurance and I am so thankful because the cost of paying OOP for IUI's or IVF can be daunting. I am fortunate enough to live in New York where there is a state mandate that requires all employers with more than 50 employees to offer health care that covers some type of fertility treatment.

Here is what my Insurance covers:

Unlimited until the age of 44

IVF: 3 Fresh Cycles/3 Frozen Cycles
Follicular puncture oocyte retrieval
Embryo transfer
US guidance for aspiration of ova
Culture and fertilization
Culture and fertilization with co-culture of embryo
Assisted hatching
Oocyte ID
Preparation of embryo for transfer
Preparation of embryo for transfer including thaw
Sperm ID from aspirate other than seminal fluid

Are You Covered?

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It's a great idea before undergoing any fertility treatments that you find what coverage you and/or your spouse have. If you are not covered you may be able to apply for a state grant for instance like the one we have in New York for couples and singles without Infertility Insurance or you may be interested in investing in an Infertility Insurance Policy.

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Flora Bud said...

Blessed Bud that is awesome that you guys have coverage, that is a huge relief and you can move to your next step with one less headache.


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