January 19, 2010

Dreams, Psychics, Marathons and Jobs

Have nothing in common....other than the fact that they are my subject matter for today. First the dream:

The other week I had a random dream, and I don't know if I shared it, but it was so vivid it was ridiculous. In the dream, I had just given birth to twin boys who looked like identical infant versions of Mr.Fitness Bud. It was crazy. Almost instantly they went from being newborns to crawling all over the place and getting into things. And the wierd thing was, the dream was not about me being pregnant. No, no.....just me suddenly having twin boys that were into everything. Ok, random meaningless dream that scared the hell out of me.

Then today at work, without going into a long story about how this happened, let's just say that I ran into a psychic who, when I asked about kids, told me I was going to have two boys.

My uterus is empty. I am not TTC. But for some reason the universe is trying to convince me that at some point, I will have 2 boys. $20 My first kid is a girl. Who wants to bet me?

Anyways, dreams and psychics aside, I did accomplish something a little more concrete this week. I signed up for my first 5K AND 1/2 marathon! I am so excited! A co-worker decided that she wanted to train with me, so I got the training plans all printed up, along with the registration forms, and we are set! The 5k is in early April, so I am not really too worried about that since I am already on week 4 of 8 on the training plan. The 1/2 marathon is a different story. Once the 5k is out of the way maybe I will feel more confident about it, but never in my life did I ever think I would run 13.1 miles. It seems SO daunting, but I feel like I am up for the challenge. I have been working really hard at the gym, making gains in my weights, and increasing my cardio. I just feel like this is one more challenge that I need to conquer.

Last but not least, I was approved for part time employement with a great company, and I don't know what to do. I would love to work here. It pays almost double what I am making now for part time work. It would look fantastic on a resume. I would enjoy what I would be doing. HOWEVER, I need a full time job. The weekly hours are not guaranteed or set. I would have to keep looking for a full time job, and if I got one in a month, I would have to quit the part time gig. It would be really hard to juggle my other job, and the fellowship that I was invited to participate in. On one hand it is a great opportunity, on the other hand, it is less than ideal.

Why, oh why??? Nothing is ever as easy as I wish it was. Then again, as my husband always says, anything worth having is worth waiting for. I wish I could more easily convince myself of this.



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