January 20, 2010

When will this ride end?

I don't believe that I'm actually able to post today. I only hope I can make it on at least once a week and not let you down. So here is what has been going on...
We finally sold our home, moved out December 28th, lived with friends until January 15th until our apartment was ready. We are now in our apartment and on the hunt for our "forever home!" We haven't gotten the internet set up at home, so checking the internet has become a pain, hence the longer-than-expected absence from Bloomin Babies.

I finished my first class of graduate school with an "A"!!! I was so proud of myself. Currently taking class #2.Now for an update on Baby BrainyBud...

Week 9
Bleeding stopped for about 6 days and then started back. Baby went on a weekend getaway with me and my mom and it was my secret!

Week 10
Celebrated 4th wedding anniversary and thanksgiving. I was able to take a lot of leave from Thanksgiving-Christmas because I had so much leave time built up.

Week 11
Bleeding began to get worse and started to scare me that I was losing the baby. I was so exhausted for the last 3 weeks, that my body would start shutting down around 8pm.

Week 12
Still bleeding but stopped taking Progestrone. Baby took a trip with mom and dad to the University and mom's frequently traveled to work place. Began having some tummy aches that would last for a few more weeks. Found out that my college friend is due 2 days prior to me and a friend from church is due 2 days after me. Had my 3rd OB/GYN visit. Baby is perfectly healthy with NO reason for the bleeding. Baby was moving arms and legs so fast, I thought it was the heartbeat to begin with.

Week 13
Came down with a MAJOR ear infection! The doctor said that I was beating my little one to it. He said it was like a 2-year-old's ear infection. YUK. I felt terrible! The baby even went with us to the Nutcracker Ballet. The bleeding finally stopped sometime during this week.

Week 14
We finally announced our pregnancy at Christmas, everyone was so excited and surprised! It was the most scarest thing we've ever had to say to family. We moved the day after Christmas and no one let me do anything! Even though I had been packing for weeks prior.

Week 15
Still announcing to people and still exhausted. New Years was interesting.

Week 16
Baby's first snow and won't be able to see it. Mr. BrainyBud went sledding on the day that was supposed to be our 4th U/S but was rescheduled due to the snow and ice. Went to the dentist and he gave me a set of "Baby's First Toothbrushes" for our impending little one.

Week 17
I began to worry because I have NOT gained ANY weight. I wondered if something was wrong all week. Had our 4th U/S that lasted 15 minutes but only took the tech 2 seconds to announce...

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That's my update for now...Faith, Love and Baby Flutters,

Mrs. BrainyBud


C said...

I'm so glad everything is going well!!

Flora Bud said...

Congrats! so glad to hear that everything is great and that the bleeding has stopped

Ms. Understood said...

Great update. I'm happy to hear that your unexplainable bleeding has stopped and everything with you has settled down. Good luck on your forever home search.

Worry Bud said...

Welcome back BB! Hope that you get up & running at your new place soon. :o)

Nerdy Bud said...

Congrats! Glad everything is going well!


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