January 5, 2010


Last I left off, I believe we had finally bought a second car. Yay!! That was part of our cross off-to do-need to get done before baby list.

Now it's just to keep plugging away and saving money.

Which, I DO fully intend on doing. Until it comes to our baby-making-moon.

Mr. Snow Bud actually came up with this one, he's so great. We were thinking about taking a small little trip somewhere, leaving the dogs with a sitter, getting in our car and taking off for a weekend. This would all be sometime this summer, I believe. He suggests that it would be a perfect time to start TTC, we would both be relaxed, happy, out of our normal hustle and bustle element. I think I fell in love with him all over again.

So, we narrowed it down to getting away for a weekend in Seaside, FL or renting a home in the Georgia mountains. The mountains sound amazing, and we could tuck ourselves away and not have to worry about people, traffic, civilization. On the other hand, we went to Seaside this past weekend for my birthday and both fell in love.

Either way, I'm now dreaming of my baby-making-moon.

Georgia Mountains
Georgia Mountains in Fall Pictures, Images and Photos

Seaside, FL
The seaside. Can't get enough of it! Pictures, Images and Photos

Until next time,


Nerdy Bud said...

I love Seaside! I got to go there over the summer for work and loved it! I'm hoping to get to go back in April. It's such a neat little town! Barefoot Barbecue is the best! :)

Ms. Understood said...

That's really cute. We have a hotel room booked for a romantic weekend getaway of baby making, but didn't think of giving it a name. Let your hubby know we'll be using his phrase.


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