January 5, 2010

Am I really ruled Infertile Now?

I guess not being on birth control for 3 years and not using protection means we have been TTC for a while now.. And now I get to be ruled infertile? Hey we have been really TRYING for 7 months but like my RE said, an accident (besides the accident 2 years ago) should have happened already.

I went to visit a RE on Monday. Starting January 1st I can see a RE under my insurance so I took advantage of this. It was honestly a great appointment. I'm happy we have a game plan but at the same time a little upset. I'm a little upset conceiving a baby might just not happen the normal way. You know the 'fun' way!?! That sort of blows goats. But that's fine. Right? Who cares how it comes about. Its the same end goal no matter what right?!?!

So here is my update from the RE appointment.

My RE was so wonderful. He explained so much to me. Pretty much I might have multiple things going on.

First the spotting is not normal. Add that along with my 2 day period and he believes I have an ovulation issue / hormonal issue. He believes I'm not ovulating correctly or that strong.

Wednesday I will go in to verify ovulation and check out everything going on.

Second, I had some test run at my OB's office and even though they can be considered normal my thyroid looks like it could be a little off. Under his standards it could be an issue. I'm going to have this tested again. This makes total sense and I am sort of relieved about it. I work my butt off in the gym, eat very healthy, and seem to have trouble losing weight. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

Third, 2 years ago I had cyrotheraphy and have scarring on my cervix. This was mentioned during my HSG because it hurt like hell and was a little hard for him to insert the catheter in. This scaring could be causing an issue for the sperm to go up to the fallopian tubes. (Cervical Factor Infertility). He will check this out on Wednesday to see if this could be an issue. Pretty much if it is IUI is our next opinion.

Overall it was a great appointment. I'm happy we have a game plan now.

So today is an ultrasound to see if I have ovulated. I'm a little nervous. I'm nervous he will see my cervix and say, oh yeah THATS WHY YOU AREN'T PREGNANT! Too much scarring. Or he will say, oh look at the cysts. Ugh I hate worrying but that's what I do. Wish me luck!

Hopefully today,Ill get some good information and just have hormonal issues and not have to go the IUI route but if we do its fine. Just another hurdle to overcome.


Chef Bud said...

I hope that your u/s went ok. I know what you mean about the label...it's hard. But these steps will lead you to your BFP!

Worry Bud said...

GL OB....you know I'm routing for you!


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