December 21, 2009

The whole "be positive" thing is really hard

AF arrived yesterday. While I was expecting it since I had tested and gotten a BFN, it still really stinks to have officially moved on to cycle 11. If I would have gotten pregnant in one of our first couple of cycles I would be due in the next few weeks. That is crazy to think about. I had a major meltdown last night when Mr. CB and I got in to bed, and he was so comforting and understanding. I am trying to be positive but it is so difficult when you are starting over again with a new cycle.
Mr. Chef Bud and I had a long talk the other day about our next steps. I was leaning towards moving to IUI this next cycle, but instead we've decided to do one more cycle like we've been doing. He thinks that since my lining improved last month that we should see if one more month will make it even thicker. I also spent a small fortune on POM juice, which is supposed to help thicken the lining (ok, it was only $20, but that's a lot for 12 cups of juice!).

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My baseline sono is tomorrow and I'll confirm with my nurse what our plan will be for this cycle. Then Wednesday our holiday travels begin! We're starting with Christmas Eve dinner with Mr. CB's family in Palm Coast, FL then we're driving to Charlotte to spend Christmas with my entire family (23 aunts, uncles, cousins, granddad, brother and parents!). Then we're spending New Year's in Orlando with my closest girlfriends and their husbands, and throwing a NYE bash. My silver lining this month...I will be able to enjoy wine with my family at Christmas, and cocktails at our New Year's Eve party. Also, my mid-cycle check will be around January 4, and since I'll be traveling for the next week and a half the time should fly by and before I know it I'll be back in the 2WW!

I won't be back in town until 2010, so I hope all the Bloomin' Babies readers have a wonderful holiday!


Dandelion Bud said...

FYI, you don't have to actually drink POM brand pom juice... we mostly call it pom juice because pomegranate is too freakin' much to spell out. POM brand is actually my least favorite. They're all about the same price, but I find that the organics actually taste a little bit better... and mixing it with seltzer makes a VERY yummy spritzer!
Good luck!!

Chef Bud said...

I've been mixing mine with a little sprite zero, and it actually doesn't taste half bad =) I couldn't find any other juice at my grocery that was 100% pomegranate, most were blends. Do you go to a Whole Foods or Fresh Market?


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