December 21, 2009

Travel Bud Intro

Hello blogging world, I’m Travel Bud. I’m in my early 20’s and Mr. Travel Bud and I were married in May of 2008. We always planned on having kids someday but TTC was to wait until after we accomplished some other things in life. We had plans for me to finish college (still in the plans) and then travel overseas to teach English (still in the plans) before we had children. Life was getting really rough on me and I was tired of my routine I had so I quit my job at a restaurant and got a new job that’s full time so that I could have more steady hours and steady pay and see Mr. Travel Bud a little more frequently. I mean we did get married so we could be with each other more and it seemed like since we were married we saw each other less, that wasn’t okay with me. I also enrolled for classes online in order to continue my education but still be able to work full time. The plan was to work at the full time job for the last year I needed to finish up school and then do our overseas thing and then come home and have children. I felt like I had it all going for me and things were finally going in the right direction.

Oh how life likes to slap you in the face sometimes! The online school I enrolled in was a bust. If I had continued on I would have wasted my time and my money and my degree wouldn’t have taken me very far in life. So, Mr. Travel Bud and I came to a crossroads. We realized that as much as you plan out life, sometimes life just takes its own course. We decided to keep these goals in mind but if life took another route we would be okay with it. Even the idea of taking our child overseas doesn’t scare us simply because we’ve always had a heart for traveling and going wherever God decided to have us go. So now, we’re at a point where we’re not actively trying like checking every single sign to see if I’m ovulating, but we are just having a good time together and enjoying life together until God chooses the right time to bless us with kids.

I must say I’m quite relieved that we decided to just go for it now and not wait because my family has a history of Endometriosis and PCOS which has caused some serious heartbreak for my mother and my aunt and I just want to avoid that as much as possible and my doctor said that the earlier we try to have children the more successful we may be. I’ve always had very painful periods, cramps that are debilitating and have even put me in the hospital before. Going through those experiences each month have really created a concern that Mr. Travel Bud never fully understood. When my Mom was recently diagnosed with Endometriosis is when he finally started to realize that this could be a serious issue so he went to the doctor with me so we could get some questions answered. The doctor said I have early stages of endo and low progesterone so it’s good that we caught it now so we can do everything we can to have kids before it would get too serious. I told him how there’s this balancing crème that helps balance out your estrogen and progesterone levels that I’m thinking about taking to see if that has any positive effect on my situation and he said it would be worth the try. So that’s where I’m at right now in this whole stage. I only charted one month, but took a break because of the chaos of the holidays, I’ll probably start back up again next cycle but until then I’m taking that balancing crème and just having fun BDing with Mr. Travel Bud as much as possible. I’m excited to share our journey in TTC and all of the other surprises and turns that our life might take until then.

Until next time,
Travel Bud

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