December 21, 2009

Nerdy Bud, the Complete Newbie

Hi, my name is Nerdy Bud and I’m, well, I’m a nerd. I’m the newbie over here at Bloomin’ Babies, in more ways than one. Let me explain:

This is my first cycle TTC. Yes, I’m brand new. I’ve ordered TCOYF but it hasn’t come in yet (that pesky holiday shipping schedule, you know). I haven’t even started charting. (I know I need to!) All we’ve started is the fun part…you know… the fun part… :)

Let me tell you a little about myself and how we got to this point...

I met my wonderful husband, Mr. Nerdy Bud, almost three years ago. He was still in college (he’s older than me, but just took longer to graduate!) and I was working for the local newspaper. Our first date was to the movies. Do you know what that nerd took me to see? 300. Yes, the campy graphic novel-inspired movie about half-naked Spartan men. Talk about romantic. :)

Since then, I’ve seen about a million campy, nerdy movies. But I still love my nerd! I even play along with his nerdy tendencies at times:

This is us, Mr. and Mrs. Nerdy Bud. Yes, we’re wearing Transformers masks.

We’ve been married for just under a year. We had no plans to start TTC right away and decided it would be best to settle in for a bit and get our heads on straight.

But, the baby bug bit me earlier this summer. Both of my siblings have young children (my niece, River, is one and my nephew, Hyrum, was born in September) and I want our children to grow up with their cousins.

This is River, my niece. Don’t you want one of those? I do!

Plus, we’re at that age where everyone we know is starting to get married and have babies. I wanted to be that couple, too!

Mr. Nerdy Bud was very reluctant to start TTC. Sometimes, he’s like a big kid and he told me once that it was hard to see himself responsible for another human being. But, after talking it through (and a little persuading on my part…) he agreed to start trying.

So, here we are! I’m trying my best not to scare him with all of the talk of fertility and ovulating and just have fun with it. I know that’s what he needs.

But what do I need? I need to be able to talk to other girls about my fears, my worries and what’s going on with my body. That’s where you come in. I’m going to need advice, support and sometimes, a shoulder to cry on. I’ll be here for you, too.

So thanks for listening to my story. I’m so excited to begin this journey and I can’t wait to see where we end up!


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