December 18, 2009

We have a plan!

Well, I am back from the follow up RE consult. Dr. G sat us down & spoke with us a little about our options. First things first, Mr. Worry Bud's repeat S/A came back with similar, but a little better results - both his count & motility are still low. Dr. G basically said that the only truly viable option for us to conceive is IVF with ICSI. I pretty much figured, but today we got that confirmed. I am okay - I am happy that the count & motility went up even a little....some is better than none right? I had pretty much prepared myself for our official diagnosis of MFI & for the fact that Dr. G. would suggest IVF with ICSI.

The good news is that due to my age & the absence of any female fertility issues, Dr. G has given us a 65% of conceiving with IVF/ICSI!!

I asked about having Mr. WB see a urologist & Dr. G gave us a recommendation for one that specializes in IF, but said that he would be comfortable starting IVF w/o even going thru a urologist 1st. His reasoning was that the surgery that 'effed up Mr. WB's count/motility happened over 10 years ago & most likely the damage is done, which Mr. WB tends to agree with. Also Mr. WB DOES NOT want to have surgery down there again, especially if it may not do anything to help. But, he is going to see a urologist regardless just b/c it's good for his health overall.

I also asked about my short LP & trying in the mean time, so he gave me a Rx for prometrium (progesterone) that I will try out this cycle, but I am not getting my hopes up that it'll work. If it does - that would be an
amazing miracle from God, but if not I will take it as a sign that we need to move on to IVF.

After Christmas I am going to call to schedule my mock embryo transfer & then get started on our first IVF cycle sometime in Jan/Feb & we are praying to have a lil' WB (or 2) in the oven by our first anniversary in March?! I will blog more later about how we are going to finance everything since we do not have insurance coverage. Please keep us in your prayers.


Flora Bud said...

Im so glad you guys have a plan, Pls keep us updated. That would be amazing if you can have a little bun in the oven for your anniversary.


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