December 17, 2009

Not much to update

I did take my first belly pic this week, so that was fun to send out to friends who haven't seen me in a while. My mom, being the sentimental sap that she is, told me this morning that she goes to her email every morning to look at the picture. This morning she sent me an email that said "The world is beautiful with you and baby bump being in it. Love Mom" Yep, I teared up. I'm kind of fearful to go home for Christmas because I know she has already started spoiling her unborn first grandchild.

On Monday we hit the 15 week mark. I have never loved Mondays so much in my life. I get so excited to check my email on Monday morning because of all the email I get from baby sites telling me what my baby is doing at 15 weeks and how big he or she is. I especially love to see what fruit compares Baby Hopeful Bud to each week. This week s/he is the size of a naval orange. I usually love oranges, but that is one fruit that hasn't agreed with me being pregnant.

Over the weekend, which was mine and Mr. Hopeful Bud's 1st anniversary, I got the terrible stomach flu. It was way worse the all of first trimester put together. Which really isn't saying much since I really had a very smooth first trimester, but nonetheless it was awful. Mr. HB was wonderful though and made me feel loved and cared for all weekend long.

That's about it, not much else to report. Just still waiting until our next appointment on December 30th.

Take care and remain hopeful!
Hopeful Bud



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