December 17, 2009

And that vacation was freaking AWESOME!

I cant even tell you how fun it was and definitely needed. The best vacation ever. To be honest it shed alot of light into our life and our grateful and fortunate we are.

We are both healthy. We both had the time of our lives and enjoyed every.single.minute of it. It was complete bliss. We got to visit 3 continents in 1 trip. We got to see 2of the seven wonders of the world. We did things most people of our age never do. Or people in general never get to do. It was amazing. Just what we needed.

I realized I can wait for a baby. I mean don't get me wrong I want one but I can wait. I saw some new parents there and they were struggling. Struggling to take photos, feed the baby, take excursions, see the awesome port of calls. I know when the time comes we will deal with it but at the same time I know I can think of a MILLION other things to keep me busy. Like planning another trip to this awesome place.

Malta. This tiny little country / island near Italy. Its so amazing. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Peaceful. We are going back. I don't care what we have to do.

On our trip we realized how much we both really enjoy traveling. If we don't have kiddos it makes it alot easier to plan and travel. We really want to go to Australia some time in 2010 and I know we can make it with a little one but it would be so much easier without.

So this is how I am getting through the days when I see pink or red. Like today. I haven't cried (yet). I haven't said why not me because I look at where we have been, what we have been through and realize we still have time. Maybe we can go to Australia in 2010 or 2011 and make it our babymoon? Who knows. What I do know is we are saving TONS of money without a baby and I can do TONS of stuff with that money. No daycare = an extra 800 dollars a month in our pocket.

Its the little things like that that keep me going.

So on to cycle # 7. Maybe this will be the cycle? If not Ill make it. I mean whats 1 more cycle. I have went through 6 already.

Enjoy some photos we took!


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