December 19, 2009

What a week

So lets just say this week (plus a couple of days)has had some serious ups and downs.

It all started last Thursday night when I went over to my moms and we started our yearly marathon baking session. we had 22 different things on our list to make and we were giving ourselves 3 1/2 days to make it and get the cookies separated and packaged up for delivery to friends, family and coworkers. Well Thursday night we started by mixing up the 6 recipes that had to chill and chopping dried fruits and nuts for some of the other recipes, fairly easy and relaxing.

Friday morning we got up and started baking our little hearts out. About 1 pm we discovered that one of moms pairs of oven mitts had a hole in the thumb, this led to a huge blister that covers about a 1/3rd of the side of my thumb. I however did not drop the pan of cookies or cry (yay me), but if little Daffodil Bud could hear the words coming out of Mommy's mouth then she heard somethings she probably shouldn't have.

Saturday and Sunday went pretty much the same way lots of work but we got all of our baking done, mom and I are both sore and tired but we accomplished a lot and even made baklava for the 1st time.

And while I am at my moms busy baking our new operating system for our computer came in and Mr. Daffodil Bud got us all fixed up!

So then Monday starts off, pretty good day in all actuality, I changed my hours at work to do a 3pm-11pm shift for the day instead of my 11am-7pm so I could do laundry and get some extra rest before work. I get to work and have to go to the bathroom so I set my stuff down at my desk and go toward the bathroom. I got to an intersection in one of the hallways and just have to hug the corner as I got really really dizzy. 2 of the CSR's see this and drag me to an office and make me sit down, the one even went to get me water. My face was all warm and very red. Finally after 10 minutes or so I feel like I can at least make it to the bathroom and then back to my desk, one of the CSR's escorted me back and then told my co-workers to keep an eye on me. I felt warm and my face was red for about 2 hours after all of this but I stayed in my chair until I had to go to the bathroom again.

Well about 9pm my face starts to feel all warm again, no dizziness but just that warm flushed face again. So I decided to go and take my blood pressure with the portable monitor we have at work, 141/80 not terrible but a bit on the high side for me. I post to one of my favorite message boards about being a bit worried, one of the girls, a nurse talks some sense into me about at least calling my doctors after hours number to see what they say and at 11pm I am off to the hospital. My BP when we get there is 151/70. They take me up to L&D and I have to pee in a cup and get hooked up to a monitor. Baby is fine my BP goes down to a better place 135/65 , nothing showing any reason for it to be elevated at all. I think I just way overdid it on those cookies and baby and my body said hey there lady hold up a sec and rest.

Tuesday after I got my car picked up from work and went home I just took it easy and relaxed.

Wednesday morning my fingers and ankles were a bit swollen so I called the doctors office about being concerned and was there anything they wanted me to do before my appointment on Thursday. Well apparently the message system was broken or at least that is what they told me Thursday morning when I went in and I got a call about 6 hours after my appointment on Thursday.

At my appointment my urine was +1 for protein, my favorite(at the doctors office Gen) nurse told me they start testing for pre-e at a +3. My Bp was great 120/64, I have only gained 3lbs so far and was told I need to start gaining a lb a week and little Daffodil Bud's heartbeat was 142 and I am measuring right where I should be for 21 1/2 weeks. So I am fine, baby is fine and all is well. Lets hope and pray it stays that way!

Well Ladies (and any gentlemen that may read) this was a long long post. If you have made it this far thanks for reading. Here is this weeks bump picture at 21 weeks 1 day.



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