December 31, 2009

Ready for 2010

Still in the 2WW over here. This one feels like forever!! I'll keep everyone updated on that one when something happens.

I can't say enough how ready I am for 2010. I had some good times in 2009 but overall it wasn't my favorite year. I'm ready for a fresh start and I'm ready to accomplish a lot of things in this coming year. Never have I ever really paid attention to the thought that this is a New Year, for most years it was just another day, and the date changed when I looked at my cell phone. But this year feels different. After learning quite a few lessons a
nd being challenged in the past couple weeks because of the death of someone dear to my heart, I'm ready to move forward and prove to myself that I can accomplish the things I have my heart set out to do.

I really do hope that 2010 brings us the blessing of a little one, no matter how many people in our lives aren't "ready" for it themselves. My heart just aches to be a mommy and expe
rience all the ups and downs of the whole process. Because it is a process, and I know it comes with ups and downs and I want to be as prepared as I can.

I'm so thankful to have
Mr. Travel Bud who is the pillar in my life. He's my laughter every single day, my joy, my support and the one who challenges me the most because he sees my potential and knows that I can do so much more with my life. I really look forward to another year of marriage with my best friend and all that life has to offer us.

I'm thankful for all of those dear to my heart who encourage me daily, including internet strangers/friends who are a constant source of strength in my life.

Here's a toast to 2010. I hope that this year brings many blessings for all of you and those closest to your heart!
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Much love,



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