December 31, 2009

I'm alive I promise!

Okay I'm very sorry I have been missing. With the holidays and work its been busy here. Anyways for all my followers ::::crickets:::::: here's what is going on with my life!

First of all I am on my 2nd cycle of clomid. It seems last cycle was a bust but not really. I didn't spot which was amazing and really made me happy however there was no magical BFP at the end of the rainbow. There was yeah you know.

How's the clomid? Well it sucks, but I am very lucky!To be honest I don't have side effects like most have. I really don't have the mood swings or headaches but I do get some hot flashes at night. Nothing the AC can't fix. There was only one time this cycle when I was in a blah mood but I got over it pretty fast.

So here I am. I'm on CD 11 and my fertility monitor is telling me I am at high fertile days. I'm thinking its the clomid. I know most girls say clomid lowers their CM for some reason mine is higher (weird I know).

Monday is the big day when I visit the RE for the first time. I know its early in the game. I totally understand this. Its been 7 months however these 7 months every.single.month we have had perfect timing. There aren't any days where we didn't have sex when I ovulated. And I am sick and tired of spotting. I know the clomid fixed it but I would like to be monitored and my OB gave me a referral to his friend downstairs.

I'm nervous and excited. I'm nervous he is going to say, sorry this is wrong with you. At the same time I am excited. Maybe he will give me some progesterone and kick me out of his office =) The good thing we know is that Mr. OB has some awesome awesome counts. We are so fortunate. So it seems like we are just dealing with my issues.

I can't wait to give you guys an update on what the RE says. It will be a GREAT way to start off my 2010 year!

In other news, I have lost 7 lbs! Wooo hooo! I'm so excited. Who loses 2 lbs of weight on a 2 week cruise? WAVES!!! I do! I'm so ecstatic! Finally its coming off! I'm still working out like crazy and watching what I eat. I know if anything the RE will be happy I am doing this. And I'm happy I'm doing this!

Here's a toast to 2010! I'm really hoping this is the year Mr. OB and I can say we are knocked up to our friends and family!!

PS Christmas was wonderful! We hosted this year and Mr. OB got me 3 months of Personal Training sessions and some wonderful real black pearl earrings!



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