December 27, 2009

A new ride!

So, one of the things that Mr. Snow Bud and I wanted to accomplish before TTC again was to have two cars. We sold his motorcycle a few weeks ago, and we were going to wait until we had put more money into savings to buy a second car. That was until we only had one mode of transportation. Yikes!! For anyone out there who shares a car with their significant other, I commend you. We just couldn't do it. So, Mr. Snow Bud and I hit the car lots last week. We test drove tons of cars it seemed. Since we already have an SUV, we wanted just a 4 door car. We drove Mazda's, Toyota's, Honda's, Volkswagen's, oy. Mr. Snow Bud hated the Mazda 6, I loved it. Mr. Snow Bud loved the Honda Accord, I hated it.

So, when we both climbed into a brand spankin new Honda Civic Hybrid, we both fell in love.

2007 Honda Civic Hybrid Pictures, Images and Photos

It was between that, and a VW Passat. Volkswagen would not come down at all on a price for their Passat (they had it marked $2500 more than it was worth!), so we went for the Hybrid. I think we ended up with a pretty good deal. We bought it for about $1000 below invoice, as it was their last 2009 Civic on the lot and they wanted to get rid of it below the New Year.

Anyway, so that was our Merry Christmas present. Also, one step closer to TTC. The only bummer is that we took our spring Alaska trip savings to use as a down payment for the car, so we ended up canceling our trip home for now. At least the airlines were kind enough to give us all our miles back without any sort of fee. Sometimes being responsible is hard :] BUT, we love our new car and it's 45+ miles per gallon!!

Until next time,



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