December 27, 2009

Today I did something I never thought I'd do again...

I called my pharmacy and re-filled my Rx for my old BCPs (AKA the "devil").

I don't know why, but that felt like a HUGE step for me. A few months ago, I declared that I would never take them again & now here I am, about to begin taking them to make a baby (or two)! Seems counter-productive right?!

I am pretty certain that I will be O'ing today or tomorrow. I have had 2 + OPKs today, lots of O pain & some EWCM. I actually hope I don't O until tomorrow b/c we BD'ed yesterday & I wanted to give Mr. WB's little swimmers time to recuperate before BD'ing again. I will know for sure by tomorrow's temp. The past few cycles I have been getting + OPKs the day before I O though, so hopefully it'll be like that this time as well. I know it's pretty crazy of me, but I just keep hoping & praying that we will just get our miracle BFP before we move on to IVF. I know that my RE said our chances are less than 5% of that happening, but that is not 0% right? Oh & 1 last note about this cycle - I decided NOT to do the Prometrium suppositories & just let this cycle finish up naturally. I figure if I'm meant to have a longer LP, then I will & if not, then on to IVF & hopefully our miracle & sticky BFP!!

So, I know a few posts ago I discussed our financing plan. We are still sticking with that, but my RE also offers Shared Risk IVF. Our RE was one of the first fertility centers to offer any program like this & I have done my research & they have one of the best Shared Risk programs available both in & outside of our state. Basically, you get up to 6 fresh IVF cycles & unlimited frozen embryo transfers (FETs) - however many it takes for the delivery of a live baby. So if you get pregnant on your first cycle, but miscarry - even a late loss, then you can go through the process again. If you do not deliver a live baby by the end of all of those fresh/frozen cycles, then you get 100% of your money back. You must be accepted into the program, but my RE says that he is 99% positive that I will be accepted into the program. The only thing I have to do is the mock embryo transfer & if all goes well then we will be in! I am very optimistic that there will be no issues for us getting in to the program based on my health & absence of any female fertility issues. I know you are all wondering what the cost of something like this is - well, at my fertility center, for IVF w/ ICSI it's $22K. It sounds like a lot, but it is just a little bit more than 2 IVF cycles. If we get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby(ies) on the first try, then that is awesome...we won't feel like we lost out on the additional money because we will have our darling little baby(ies) in our arms. Doing it this way will give us financial peace of mind as we go through the process of IVF, which will certainly relieve some of the stress that some other IVF'ers feel. I feel so blessed that we go to an RE that even has option like this available & am confident that we will have a LO of our own one day soon! Please continue to send all the prayers & wishes that all goes well our way...they mean more to me than you will ever know. :o)


Blessed Bud said...

GL Worry Bud! I think the Shared Risk Option is a great idea.


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