December 27, 2009

10 weeks & 6 days and post #400!

When I went to start writing today I noticed it said our little blog already had 399 post, so this is #400! Woot.

I hope that those of you that celebrate Christmas had a good one! Mr. LB and I spent it at home together. I made yummy dinners the 24th & 25th. At midnight we opened our gifts. I got a new Coach purse, beautiful necklace and charm from Blue Nile, earrings, and a leopard snuggie :)
My aunt bought LO 3 PJ's, a bib, a bathrobe, little duckie socks and little hat and that little duck you put in the bathwater to check temperature. I got all teary eyed when I opened them all and then promptly put them all n a box and put them away.

Tomorrow will make 11 weeks ::sigh:: and in 3 days we have our NT Scan/Sequential Screening. I really can't shake the concerned feeling. Not so much because of the results because surprisingly those I'm not worried about but just finding out that our LO is doing well. I'll be in another office, with doctors I've never met before.
I think that for the mother's own sanity u/s should be performed every week in the first trimester. Jus' sayin'.

The appointment is at 11:15am. After the appointment Mr. LB and I have plans to go have a nice lunch since Wednesdays are his new day-off.

I've been feeling okay. This last week headaches have been the new thing. I get them the moment I wake up in the morning and then they linger all day. The nausea is becoming much more infrequent. I'm still tired all the time and get cranky when I'm out of the house for too long, but at least I can stay awake during the day. Mind you all these things subsiding worry me too and it actually makes me feel worse to write it all out. I'm really looking forward to hopefully finding out that everything is okay on Wednesday and finally feeling excited about all of this.

I hope to bring back good news and finally stop whining about being worried. I promise I will try to be more fun!



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