December 16, 2009

Monitoring Update #92347596: I'm SO not getting cancelled

I knew IVF was going to be a roller coaster of experiences and emotions - but I wasn't prepared for the extremes of it all.

Two days ago, i walked out of the RE's office crying hysterically - trying to prepare myself for the possibility of this cycle being canceled. Follicles not responding. Lining steady at 8mm.

But it was only day 9 - and what did i know about how long this might take. They expected me to respond immediately, since I don't have a diagnosis other than MFI. (I still think they oversuppressed me with the BCPs and Lupron - but that's another post.)

All i know is - i haven't left the RE's office smiling in a long time. It feels like years.

It was today.
My lining is up to 14mm in the trilaminar pattern (the three layers needed for implantation)! I still have 6 growing follicles - my two lead ARE MATURE(!!!) at 19mm and 18mm. (There's also a 15mm, 2 @ 14mm and 1 at 13mm, along with 6 labeled "small".)

All i know is the lining would NOT be growing if there wasn't abundant estrogen and i am SO not being canceled!!!!

Keep the juju coming, girls... it's working.


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