December 7, 2009

I’ve been MIA – I do apologize

So when I last posted, I had had an ultrasound to check on my follicles. The next day we had the IUI procedure. Then after an extra long 2WW, which was incredibly hard, AF showed up on Saturday.

Yes, I am missing a lot of details but at this point, I’m not into rehashing it all. I’m sorry I have been such a bad blogger but I needed a break.

So, where do we stand? What are the next steps? Well, Mr. Sunshine Bud and I have decided to jump right back in and go for another IUI. My body responded really well and there are no issues with starting right away. We aren’t getting any younger so I’m sure that was also a factor for Mr. Sunshine Bud when he immediately answered that he wants to try right away.
Here we go again – the protocol for the 2nd IUI cycle is this:
  • Take Clomid cycle days 5 -9 (this Weds – Sunday) – there isn’t a need for a CD 3 u/s, which saves us money!
  • Start using OPK’s on cycle day 12 (12/16) until the surge hits. If CD 16 (12/20) comes without a surge, then I will call the office. At that point, I will have an u/s to determine what my follicles are doing and most likely have the HCG trigger. Then the following day would be the IUI.

I am hopeful that I will detect the surge all on my own this time and not need the trigger.

So once again, as it common in this game, we wait. So I’ll be waiting until 12/16 till I start using the OPK’s.

I’m really tired of waiting but I am so very hopeful that this will be the cycle.

Until next time,
Sunshine Bud


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