December 7, 2009

I'm getting incessant

... About babies, that is.

Mr. SnowBud pointed out to me this afternoon that I ask him DAILY if it's our time yet.

I don't see how that could get annoying, do you?

I really don't mean to, and don't even really notice it. I do know that I've always been like that, blame my spoiled childhood if you will. I am an incessant person when it comes to something I want. I'm not sure why, but I hope that it's a somewhat lovable characteristic.

Not much to report on the TTA front. It was just so hard getting into the swing of charting this month, we were out of town, a few times my phone (alarm) died in the night so I didn't temp, and now I figure that since I know that I O'd, there isn't a major point to temping right now anyway. I'm feeling a little blah about the whole thing.

I hope everyone is getting finished with their Christmas shopping today I wrapped all of my gifts and they are now under the tree, waiting to be mailed out!

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Stay warm everyone!
Until next time



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