December 7, 2009

8 week update....

So I am happy to report that last week's u/s went great :)

I was 7 weeks and 3 days and we got to see Baby LB and his/her heartbeat. It was an awesome day. We got a great picture of him/her.....

It was really amazing to se him/her hanging around in there. We were over the moon. I was sad to hear at that appt. that I would no longer need to see my RE. Since baby was measuring right on target and had a nice strong HB we have no need to go back insert depressed face here> there were lots of hugs and such. It's a scary feeling to "graduate" from your RE.
I spent Thursday looking for a new OB and found one I want to go see. I left a message and was finally able to schedule an appointment today. It's December 21st. Which of course seems like FOREVER away! Ugh.
Oh well. I'll be 10 weeks exactly then (god willing) so it should make for a good appointment.
We still haven't made any public announcement about being PG. We told our immediate families and we know that some extended knows because some people couldn't wait to spill the news. We're going to try to keep it off FB until after 1st tri. Only 5 more weeks to go!
I've been feeling okay. The only constant symptom is that I'm tired ALL THE TIME. The nausea comes and goes but when it comes it usually when I haven't eaten in a while. I've been having trouble finding things I want to eat which has been a huge pain in the butt. But I need to eat something. Saltines have been my best friend for the last 3 weeks.
I've been having some weird pains in my lower stomach/abdomen for the last few days. Last time I had them was around 5 weeks. Dr. said the were normal. Stretching pains and what not. the aren't uber painful, more annoying than anything.
The days I feel terrible are the days I'm the happiest. :) Mr. LB says I'm a sick, sick person Lol but those of you that are PG or have been know that you find comfort in the days you feel the worst because it reminds you that your pregnant.
I've been doing a lot of praying. A LOT of praying. This whole situation is still very surreal to me. I really can't believe I made it this far. I sometimes just sit and stare at the u/s picture in complete and utter disbelief that THAT is OUR baby. When I hugged my RE for the last time on Thursday and thanked her I don't think anything words I could have said would have sufficed for how grateful I am to her. How do you thank the person who helped give you a child?! How do you ever express that in words? I've been waiting for a good day to sit and write her a letter. I don't want to just send a regular old thank you card and gift.
I have a feeling this will be a multiple page thing.
Well, that's my update for this week :) I'm going to do my updates on Monday's from now on since every Monday is a new week.
Lots of baby/pregnancy dust to all!


Jen J. said...

Awww, this is great! I'm so happy for you! Congrats again. :o)

Flora Bud said...

Congrats again!!! That is so sad leaving the RE's office for the last time.

GL in your new doctor Apt, cant wait to read the details!


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