December 10, 2009

20 weeks or so update

20 weeks have gone by and we are halfway to meeting baby Daffodil Bud. This time seems to be flying by and yet so far from when she will be here. I am starting to get a bit nervous over the fact that we aren’t registered yet and don’t have the big furniture picked out. We do have a cradle that we will be using at 1st when she gets here so if we don’t have the crib set up we will be ok but it is so hard to believe that there is so little time left.

This weekend I am going to my moms for the weekend and we will be doing our yearly bakestravaganza. We are making 22 different kinds of cookies/candies this year which is actually a few recipes less than normal and we are doing this over 3 full days instead of 2 1/2 because mom knows that I won’t be as able to run on my feet for everything this year. Next year may be very fun. I know that baby Daffodil Bud will be too young to participate just yet but I wonder how well a full weekend of baking will go with an 8 month old around unless Mr Daffodil Bud is willing to do a whole weekend at home with baby and no me.

It is so hard to think that next year all my plans will include a new little person and while I am excited beyond belief that she is on her way and already halfway to being here I also feel somewhat nervous.

So as I work on the nervousness I leave you all with my 20 week "bump" pic.



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