December 7, 2009

Follow Up S/A Scheduled!

For this Thursday, December 10, 2009! We BD'ed (well really just had sex b/c I know I O'd like 6 days ago) last night so that we didn't abstain for too long again. Opps! I am 6 DPO today, but am starting to have slight cramping, so I'm thinking AF will be here again before I know it, then on to cycle #7. :o/ 5 months - 7 cycles, sheesh. My cycles were so short due to my stupid LP, ugh! But on the bright side - it seems to be getting a bit longer now, yipee!!

This past Saturday, I got the sweetest card from Dandelion Bud that gave me some encouragement to keep my head up & push thru this. I heart her....she's great. And I have also been talking to another online friend who recently found out that she is dealing with MFI as well. At first, her hubby's counts came back with zero sperm (AKA Azoospermia), but on his repeat S/A they found over 3 millions, so that's a definite improvement. Maybe Mr. WB's will shoot up a little like that?! I'll take anything right now. So, I will be anxiously awaiting the results, which we should hopefully receive no later than December 17th - the day before our f/u consult with Dr. G.

Oh & semi-good news...I called the insurance representative for one of the carriers I mentioned I had an option of switching to & he asked me to send him some additional information & he'd get back to me on if IVF would be covered in our case. Right now it says that infertility will not be covered until a couple has been trying for at least a year unsuccessfully at my age & IVF won't be covered until a couple has been trying at least 2 years & no other less expensive procedures have worked. But, I asked that if we have a Dx & the Dr. tells them that it is warranted earlier in this case, then would we be eligible for the benefit earlier. He said he is pretty confident that the answer is yes, that if we/the Dr. could prove that it is medically warranted prior to that stated time frame, then the insurance would cover it. I sent him all the information he requested & he said he would most likely be able to get back to me Tuesday (tomorrow), woot! It's 50% of the costs & although we would still be spending a few thousand, it's much better than 0%. So, please please please keep your fingers crossed & send us any spare thoughts & prayer s that: 1) Mr. WB's S/A comes back with better results & 2) that the insurance company decides to cover it! That would be Christmas gift enough for me!



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