December 6, 2009

9 Trips to the Gym in 2 Weeks....

I am on fire!!! And I love it! I am not seeing the results as much as I would like yet, but it feels SO SO SO good to really be back. I think they say it takes doing something 21 times to make it habit.....well I am almost halfway there. I have found myself plotting out my work week to see when I can fit gym time into my schedule. I have been tracking all of my calories on and it has really helped for me to see more accurately what I am putting into my body. I was quick to realize that my carb intake was high and my protein intake was low, so I have been working on that. I have also been doing a great job with drinking 96 oz. + of water per day. I start with 4 blue rubber bands on my wrist each morning. As I drink a 24 oz. water, I switch a rubber band to the other wrist. Once all 4 rubber bands have made it to the other wrist, I know that I have met my daily requirement for water.

It has been amazing to see how much more energy I have, how positive I have been, and how much I am actually enjoying going to the gym! I am hoping that I can continue to work harder all the time and see all of my goals come to fruition!

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