November 14, 2009

Quick Update

Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in & let everyone know that I had my CD 2 vaginal u/s & b/w done. Everything looks very normal according to my Dr. & nurse. During the u/s they did find one small fibroid, but the Dr. said that she does not believe that it is effecting my fertility in any way. I talked to the nurse more about it when she called & she basically said that of the Dr. is not worried about it, then I shouldn't be. From what I read about fibroids, she is most likely right, but, I will talk to Dr. G about it more during our followup consultation, which is scheduled for December 18th.

My b/w was also all normal - she told me all the numbers, but I didn't write it down, but my Estrogen, Prolactin, LH & FSH were all at the normal levels they like to see from women at the beginning of their cycles. So, basically so far, so good!

Mr. WB's SA & my HSG is scheduled for this Wednesday, November 18th & I am also hoping for good news! Please pray for normal results for us!! If everything looks normal, then we will still do the followup consultation, but most likely stick with our plan to try for a few more cycles before doing any medicated cycles.

In the mean time, I am keeping busy with my Thanksgiving (my husband's family is coming up to our area this year) & other holiday plans. I can't believe the holidays are already upon us - my how time flies!



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