November 14, 2009

Big Test Tomorrow Morning.....

Tomorrow morning I will be using the First Response Fertility Test after a few sketchy cycles to determine once and for all if I am just crazy-bad at temping.....or if God-forbid, something might be up. Obviously the test is not comprehensive, but it will be a good starting point. I am excited, but also a little scared. Basically the test checks FSH level to determine the quantity and quality of eggs, thus an indicator of a woman's ability to get pregnant. I am hoping and praying that tomorrows test will have a positive result....I just want to know that when we start trying in a couple months, that we at least have a better idea of my ability to conceive. That way if there is a problem, we know where to start.

Maybe it is too early to worry.....maybe I am jumping the gun. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that I want to be as proactive as possible now so that when the time comes to TTC, I am as informed and knowledgeable as possible about what is going on with my body. I will post results tomorrow.....keep your fingers crossed that all is well!


C said...

I hope the test went well!

Jen J. said...

I used one of these b/c I bought them on accident (was trying to buy OPKs) when I first started TTC & I was SUPER nervous too, but all was well. GL!


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