November 15, 2009


Wow - I just realized that the end of my week got REALLY busy and I totally didn't post an update after my follow-up ultrasound!

Basically I know nothing other than I got to see my sweet boy again! Because of the short notice Mr. GB couldn't come with me so that was a little upsetting but we need him to keep his job :) I had a different tech this time but she took all the same measurements as before - she went a little quicker through everything but she confirmed we are definitely having a boy and pointed out everything else as she went. Everything looked like it was supposed to from what she said and he even gained 4 ounces from our ultrasound 2 weeks ago. His heartbeat was right around 150 and she also said that from all the measurements that he's on track to be due 2 days sooner than my original due date of March 29th! I doubt my doctor will change it since it's only 2 days but it just means Baby GB is definitely growing!

Usually Dr. C tells me that no call from her means she didn't have anything to discuss with me and I didn't hear from her Thursday afternoon or Friday so I hope that's good. I might just follow up with her later next week because I won't see her again until Dec 9th and I don't want to assume until then.

It was so nice of a fellow message board reader (who happens to be an ultrasound tech) to write me the following message regarding my concerns:
"I'm an ultrasound tech, and at least where I've worked, we consider anatomy
scans to be
done at 20 weeks. A lot of OB offices will tell patients that anything
over 18 weeks is ok, but
many radiologists prefer 20+. It just allows the babies
to be a little bigger, and can be easier
for techs to see certain parts (ie.
kidneys, heart, brain). Often we will actually turn people
away who show up at
less than 20 weeks, and ask them to come back later. If we do perform

them early, our doctors will almost always ask them to come back again, just to
make EXTRA
sure everything is fine. Hope this helps! :)"

She also later mentioned that some people end up having to pay out of pocket for these follow-ups when their OB's let them come in early. I really hope that's NOT the case because had I KNOWN I would have just waited - 2 weeks wouldn't have been that big of a difference to me?!

Anyway, thanks again to that reader - you REALLY eased my mind!

That's all for now!!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!



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